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Home: Adding Photos

Many people seem to have problems adding photos to their advert. This is because photos taken using a digital camera are high resolution and too large for our server to handle.

Few rules
The images must be no larger than 500 x 500 pixels
Images must be less than 35kb
A maximum of 5 photos can be added to your advert

How to check the size of your photos

We recommend that you download this trial software (if you like it you can buy it - else it lets you use it for 30 days) Visit www.xat.com
Install this software and then open your image.

  1. Select View - then select image information or use "Ctrl + I"
  2. You will see the dimensions so it needs to have a file size of less than 35,000 kb & dimensions no larger than 500 x 500 pixels
  3. We recommend that you use JPG - JPEG format for your photos

If you need to resize your photo
To resize your advert follow these instructions and pictures - ignore the fact it is a car (see our other site for selling cars usedcarmart.co.uk)

First open your image if it not already open.

Select the "Image Resize" icon

Then you will see a slider that allows you to move it to the left. This will decrease the number . we are aiming to get both dimensions below 500 x 500 pixels.
tick the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" - this keeps it in proportion. You may need to slide it all the way to the left then release and then slide again to the left.

Ok now we have reduced the number of pixels, we need to reduce the file size. We are aiming to get the image size to below 35,000 bytes (35kb)

Select the compress image icon (looks like a fist)

When you click on the compress image icon a slider will pop up. Slide this down to about 25% with JPG selected. The photo should look ok, if too blurry then increase to 30.

Once you have done this check to see the image sizes

Select View - then select image information or use "Ctrl + I"
Look to the Optimised image (right side) and all being well you should have

  1. Dimension below 500 x 500
  2. File size less than 35,000

Save this image (ctrl S)

Ok now you can upload the photo - if you have already placed an advert then go to "My Account" and then click on "My Ads"

The at the bottom of the advert where it says to "Upload Images" click on "Browse" then locate your first image. You can add a brief description. Do the same for the next photo.

Then click on submit ... your photo should be there.


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