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3 bed detatched with large garden

Stunning Studio Apartment on the beach with Panoramic views of the sea and fantastic rental and capital gains potential.

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Small farm 4 km from fantastic beaches - grow your own veg or develop eco-tourism

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Added: 01/02/2007
Updated: 04/20/2008
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About this 3 - Bungalow

Fazenda Santa Barbara Fazenda Santa Barbara is a smallholding situated not far from the main road Ilhéus – Itacaré. It lies in the triangle between the villages of Tibina, Retiro and Aderno. The farm is situated 4 kms off the main road, which allows for quietness away from the main tourist attractions, but being close enough to enjoy a daily dive in the glorious Atlantic Ocean. Endless sandy beaches, surrounded by coconut palms are just a 10 minutes' drive away. This is the ideal location for someone who loves the peace and quite of the rainforest but wants to be close enough to civilisation to enjoy beach, sun and surf. The farm has an area of 14 hectares, about half of which is covered with rainforest and the other half has been in use as pastures. In the past there have been plantations of oranges and cocoa and in the forest there is still an area where there are the remains of an old cocoa plantation, now cleared and ready to be replanted. There is a plantation of banana and cupuaçu (a Brazilian fruit used for juice), and a garden has been in use for vegetable production. The farm is on a dirt road, and three times a day a bus passes that goes to Ilhéus. Ownership The farm is currently owned by Arjen Huese (Dutch) and Adriana Coradello (Brazilian), who bought it a few years ago. Because of family reasons they want to sell it. The “right of use” (“pós”) is in their name and the título (ownership) will be transferred to their name in 2008. Both will be transferred to the new owner after selling the property. There are no mortgages or other loans attached to the farm, nor any other claims by anyone whatsoever. The neighbours Many of the farms and smallholdings in the area have been bought already by Europeans and well-off Brazilians. There is a German couple nearby, as well as Swiss, Dutch and other nationalities. There is a strong emphasis on sustainable development, and most new owners maintain their farms using organic principles. House There is a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite), kitchen/living room and a veranda all around. The floors are all laid out with ceramic tiles and the kitchen has a stainless steel work top. The bathrooms are small but have a toilet and a shower each. The house is connected to mains electricity. Water can be pumped up to the house from the nearest spring - we have used it for drinking water and of course it can be used for the toilets, taps, showers and the kitchen. There is a small water tower next to the house to maintain continuous pressure on the internal plumbing. Around the house there is a home orchard of half a hectare with about 40 cocoa trees, bananas, mango trees, jabuticaba, jack fruit, bread fruit, pitanga and some other fruit trees for home consumption. Next to the house is a covered terrace that can be used for barbeque or for drying cocoa beans. There is also a small shed that is currently in use as a workshop. The land The land on Fazenda Santa Barbara covers an area of approximately 14 hectares. The borders are well-documented on the official owners' contract. The whole farm is fenced off with barbed wire and there are no disputes with any neighbours about farm borders. The farm consists of five different fields, as well as an area of rainforest. Within the forest there is an area where in the past cocoa has been grown, and which has been prepared recently for a new cocoa plantation. Fields Campo de Mango Campo de Mango has very steep slopes and has a spring at the bottom. There are some shade trees around, and the fence is good. Campo de Cachoeira and Campo de Dendê Campo de Cachoeira borders on the home brook and is not fenced of on that side. Campo de Dendê at the very South end is full of rough shrubs and there are some huge oil palms (dendê). This field borders on the South side onto roughage that slowly continues into forest – it is also here that one of the main rubber plantations is. Campo de Cupuaçu is fairly flat and is about 8,000 m² in size. It is completely fenced off, except for a small bit where we changed the shape of the field because it is very steep there. In the South-west corner a small brook (rain fed, not reliable) is passing before it turns and continues into the forest. The field has been cleared of roughage and has been turned into an alley farming project with cupuaçu, banana and rubber, combined with leucaena as the green manure / hedge species. The strips in between the trees can be used for growing watermelons, melons, climbing beans, sweet corn, courgettes, etc. Campo de Côco and Campo de Casa Campo de Côco is the other large field, which is more or less the mirror field of the Campo de Manga. It lies on the West side of the farm and is roughly 1½ hectares in size. In the middle of the field rain water gathers and the water feeds the little brook that passes South of the Campo de Cupuaçu. The slopes in the Campo de Côco are less steep than in the Campo de Manga, and the Campo de Côco can be fairly easily used for fruit crops. Campo de Casa is a small field next to the home orchard. It is estimated 2,000 m² in size and fairly flat. It can easily be used for vegetable production. Campo de Côco, ideal for fruit production Vegetable garden The current owners have cleared an area near the house for vegetable production, both for own use as well as to for sale. Forest The forest has been used in the past for cocoa plantation underneath large forest trees, a system that is called cabruca. When the forest is prepared for cabruca, the small trees and undergrowth of the forest are cleared, but the biggest trees are left to provide shadow for the cocoa which doesn’t thrive in full sun. It seems that the whole central valley in the forest has been used for cocoa in cabruca in the past. It is a fairly flat area where all the brooks merge together before they leave the farm on the East side. The soil is moist which is ideal for cocoa. South of the valley the forest appears to be virgin; the North-east side especially appears to have been used in the past for perhaps cabruca or just for extracting timber. Water There is plenty of water at the farm: there are 3 springs, and two brooks enter the land from the neighbours. The cultivated area is at the moment divided into 4 pastures. The pastures on the Eastern side have access to water, either from a spring or from a brook that runs through the fields. Soil A soil test with a sample from Campo de Cupuaçu revealed that it contains 88% sand, 10% silt and 2% clay, classifying it as a sandy soil. The subsoil contains much larger amounts of clay, as well as iron deposits as can be seen from the pictures below. Fertility Soil fertility is not very high at Fazenda Santa Barbara. This can be remedied by using organic or chemical fertilizers. Neighbouring growers have plantations of coconut, passion fruit, graviola, rubber and cocoa. With the right soil and farm management, a good profitability can be achieved. Climate The climate in this part of Bahia is known as humid tropics without any distinct dry period. In the months April to June the average rainfall is higher than during the rest of the year. The annual rainfall is around 2000mm, fairly evenly spread throughout the year. Markets The farm is close to two urban centres: Ilhéus (26 km) and Itacaré (47 km). Itacaré used to be a small fishing village but has recently developed into a touristic centre with at least 40 bed & breakfasts (pousadas) and several restaurants. Some of the restaurants (Casarão Amarelo, Jardim de Sabores, Boca de Flores, Eden) serve quality food and might be interested in a regular supply of fresh organically grown vegetables and fruits. In Ilhéus there are several quality restaurants such as ‘Gabriela, Cravo e Canela’ and ‘Boca do Mar’ and there is an upmarket vegetable shop called ‘Sacolão Opção’. On the road from Ilhéus to Itacaré there are several upmarket hotels and resorts: Txai, Itacaré Eco Resort and Aldeia da Mata, and there is a 6-star hotel/resort being constructed that will open its doors by 2008. Future developments The most important development is the planning of an international airport near Ilhéus. At the moment Ilhéus has a domestic airport with regular flights to Salvador, São Paulo and other destinations. After construction of the international airport however, a huge boom in international tourism can be expected, and the farm can be developed with this in mind. Holiday cottages, accommodation, eco-tourism, horse-riding activities, etc. are all possible options.
City/Town: Ilheus
Address of Property: Ilheus
Postcode/Zip: 45650-000 [map]
Bedrooms: 3
Reception Rooms: 1
Bathrooms: 2
Type of Property: Bungalow
Price: EUR 50000.00 [convert]


Central Heating: None
Burglar Alarm:
Parking Facilities: Drive
Gardens: Front & Rear
Double Glazed:
Near Shops:
Near School : Yes
Utility Room:

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Contact person:  rent homeArjen Huese
Advertiser Type : used carPrivate Seller
Phone:  used car0778 779 28 29
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URL:  rent home
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